Pradans Geotechnical Consult

Pradans Geotechnical Consult

We are adept at sampling, logging, project supervising/ management, geophysical investigation, and proffering Engineering descriptions of materials and information retrieved from site surveys for a proper recommendation of a suitable foundation upon which classic Economic design can be built.


We provide a future for the world of geotechnical engineering

Pradans Geotechnical Engineering consult ltd is a Geo-engineering firm with a group of Seasoned geologists, Civil engineers, Lab technicians, and Drilling operators that specializes in Geological, Geophysical, Geotechnical (soil testing), Foundation appraisal, Groundwater borehole drilling, water treatment, project management, and supervision, Geotechnical rock, and mineral exploration and many more.

Pradans Geotechnical engineering consult ltd is a registered company in Nigeria RC 6946325 with the prospect of being registered with international bodies.


Pradans Geotechnical Consult is aimed at seeing the environment and materials safe for humans through engineering investigation, and a technical survey by renowned experts.


To Carry out Geological surveys, Geotechnical/ Geophysical investigations, Groundwater boreholes, foundation design, and appraisal, to mention a few, thereby providing an excellent service for safe economic design.


We Offer Incredible Services To Our Clients

Subsoil Investigation

To determine the bearing capacity and properties of the earth material for proper foundation recommendation

Ground Waterhole Drilling

To investigate groundwater portability and suitability for personal and industrial use

Field Density Testing

To test for load density of the soil prior to the commencement of further construction/ civil works


Showcasing Our Transformative Capabilities

Non Destructive Testing

Drilling Of Water Borehole

Subsoil Investigation

Sample Extracted From Geotechnical Rock Exploration

Sampling Of Trial Pit Samples For Laboratory Analysis


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Pradans Geotechnical Engineering Consult is a Geo-engineering firm based in Nigeria


No. 34 Christ Foundation Street, Oke Aro, Lagos

No. 7 Adebari street, beside Layo Gardens Ikenne Ogun state